March Wrap Up

Hello Booklovers.

OMG! I can’t believe it’s April already! This year seems to be flying so fast. This month reading was not as good as I wanted it to be. I read three books! I am pretty disappointed with myself but I also had a pretty crappy month, I struggled to read as I was suffering from reading slump and I think I am still suffering… I really hope I do a lot better this month.

I have decided that I no longer would be doing monthly tbr as I just can’t stick to it and I ended up putting myself into reading slump every time I force myself to read the books I picked for that month. So last week I made a tbr jar, which I would be picking books out of it every time I start a new book to read or pick books depending on my mood at the time. Also my sister and I are planning on doing a bit of buddy reading… Hopefully she gets out of her reading slump very soon so we could start this already.

Books I read in March:

Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass, #3) Cress (The Lunar Chronicles, #3) The Tea Dragon Society

(No review for these books yet. Recently posted all the review for the books I read in Feb.. Review for these would be up very soon).

Books I DNF: 

The Gilded Wolves (The Gilded Wolves, #1)

Book Reviews:

Cinder – Marissa Meyer

Scarlet – Marissa Meyer

Crown of Midnight – Sarah J. Maas

Little Monsters – Kara Thomas

Bookish Blog Post:

February Wrap Up

March TBR

Most Anticipated Books I Want To Read

Sunday In Bed With…

Sunday In Bed With…

How was your reading in March?

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2 thoughts on “March Wrap Up

  1. I have been seeing so many people praising “The Gilded Wolves” so it is fascinating to finally see someone that DNFed it. What were your reasons, if you don’t mind me asking? I don’t know much about it except seeing so much hype.


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