My Least Favourite Books | 2018

Hey beautiful people

So here’s some of the books I read that I didn’t like at all! It’s not the worst book in the world, I just did not enjoy reading these at all!

The Woman Who Kept Everything

By: Jane Gilley

The Woman Who Kept Everything79-year-old Gloria Frensham is a hoarder. She lives amongst piles of magazines, squashed cardboard boxes, surplus carpet rolls, heaps of towels and knick-knacks littering the stairs. She hasn’t left her home for years, until a loud bang and a sudden smell of singeing sets in motion Gloria’s unwilling exodus from her home…

That day is the start of a journey that will never return Gloria back to her beloved, hoarded possessions, nor to her son’s house to live. For it is the start of her journey to discover life again – and she’s going to make some good friends and defiant decisions along the way, with just one very small suitcase in tow…

So I actually DNF this book! It started really smoothly but then it started to become boring…. it felt like the story was just dragging far too long. It started to talk about things I totally don’t give a shit about. So yeah this book I did not like at all. I rated it 2 star. I think I should of rated it 1 star…

More Perfect

By: Daniel Janaka

More PerfectJimmy has already grown used to being alone in his mid-twenties. One failed attempt at romance after another has left him both weary and defiantly independent. That is, until Luke stumbles into his life, flashing his adorably crooked smile and wielding his boyish charm. Jimmy stands no chance against the boy of his dreams.

All seems picture perfect, but as the dust settles and the reality of day-to-day life takes over, Jimmy’s happily ever after begins to suffocate. Differences arise and disagreements become the norm as Jimmy and Luke navigate the sometimes-troubling waters of early adulthood.

This book is basically like the one above! it wasn’t easy to read. It dragged far too long. Constantly keeping bring things up that made the book even more boring! Literally there was nothing about it that I liked. I also rated this 2 start… I think I was being a little generous about my rating…

The Next Girl

By: Carla Kovach

The Next Girl (Detective Gina Harte, #1)She thought he’d come to save her. She was wrong.

Deborah Jenkins pulls her coat around her as she sets out on her short walk home in the pouring rain. But she never makes it home that night. And she is never seen again …

Four years later, an abandoned baby girl is found wrapped in dirty rags on a doorstep. An anonymous phone call urges the police to run a DNA test on the baby. But nobody is prepared for the results.

The newborn belongs to Deborah. She’s still alive.

I didn’t hate this book as much as the two books above. There was like one thing I like about this book which is the characters was described and created well. The way it was written was sort of crap, I struggle to read it.

I was disappointed when I finally found out who the person behind Deborah’s disappearance, I wasn’t surprised to find out who it was. It was basically someone who wasn’t not important. I really expected it to be someone who was close to the family or a neighbour or something like that.

The main character Luke, just carried on and sobbed and sobbed none stop. Luke’s feelings were literally mentioned repeatedly… Like yes! we know how he felt! it doesn’t have to be mentioned every damn chapter! I rated this 3 star, then again I was being generous about my rating but I did like how the characters were created which was a plus.

Have you guys read any of these?

What did you guys think about it?

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