November Wrap Up

I can’t believe how fast this month went! I am not ready for December! December is the most craziest time at my work! which I’m not looking forward to.

I was originally planning on reading 5 books this month but the last book I was reading… well I couldn’t finish it! It’s not the worst book ever but it’s also not the best.

Anyways, here are the books I’ve read this month.

Life After DeathLife After Death is the second book of the The American Family. I received free copies the two books from the author for an exchanged of honest review. I really liked the story of this book probably not as much as the first one but Jackson Baer did an amazing job with both the book. He mentioned to me early this month that he is currently writing the third book, which I can’t wait to read and see where what happens to the Childs Family.

The Bronze Horseman

The Bronze Horseman is my very first historical novel ever! It was recommended to me by my boyfriend’s mother’s friend… I was feeling 50/50 about reading it because I was never really into historical but I am so glad that I picked this book up! I swear it changed me, not only because of the romance between Tatiana and Alexander. I knew that WW2 was one of the worst thing anybody could ever experience. While reading this book, it made me feel like I was right there with them. I felt so much mixed emotion all the way through the book. The Bronze Horseman is by far the best book I have read.

The Bronze Horseman (1)

The Bridge to Holy Cross is the second book of The Bronze Horseman. After finishing the first book, I literally couldn’t help myself to pick up the next one. I was little worried that this might ruin the first book for me but I felt the opposite. I actually really loved it, not as much as the first one but I LOVED IT. This book also made me feel all different emotions, I especially felt frustrated! I was just so eager to find out what is going to happened between Tatiana and Alexander. I definitely will be reading the third book soon.

The Bronze Horseman (2)

I loved everything about this book, I just knew from the start that I will enjoy reading it. The story was amazing. The characters were created and described well which I loved. It breaks my heart knowing that these things happens in real life. Young kids watching families/friends getting murdered right in front of them. It’s upsetting and frustrating to think that I’m sitting right here writing this blog and some kid out there is getting shot at, I wish I could do more. My favourite part in this book was the conversation between Starr and her dad about what Starr really things of “THUG”, that was an eye opening, I never really thought things in that way.

Review will be up soon.

The Bronze Horseman (3)

Well what can I say about this book…. First of all… I didn’t finish reading it. I literally force myself to continue reading it but I wasn’t enjoying it at all. The way characters have conversation sort of frustrates me! like “Oh ducks” I don’t know anyone that calls someone ducks! I hate it. I will be posting my full review soon.


Have you guys read any of these books? did you like it?

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Thank you for stopping by.

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