An American Family

An American Family (#1)Written by: Jackson Baer

Published date: 1st of October, 2018

Goodreads rating: 4.37 / 5.

My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

My review is so overdue… I received a copy of this from Jackson Baer himself. He found me on twitter and emailed me if I was interested in reading his book in return of an honest review. So here I am. I personally loved this book! An American Family is a book series and I can’t wait to read the next one.


Isaac Childs has the perfect life—until that life comes crashing down when his wife Ramie vanishes.

Isaac learns that his wife’s disappearance is the ninth in a string of similar cases. In the wake of this news, he struggles to cope, to be a good father to his daughter and college-bound son, and to reclaim something of an ordinary life even as he conceals his troubled past.

After the FBI makes an arrest, and his wife is presumed dead, Isaac begins to move on. Yet will his secrets catch up with him? Has he conquered his vices for good? And what of the FBI’s theory that the case isn’t completely resolved, after all?

Evolved Publishing presents the first book in the “An American Family” series, contemporary suspense thrillers that explore one family’s trials and tragedies


An American Family is about Isaac Childs who is married to his high school sweetheart Ramie, they basically got married straight out of high school and started a family together. They have two kids, Carter and Olivia. It all seems like that they have this happy and perfect family but everything goes upside down when Ramie did not return home after her usual afternoon run. Isaac has a dark secret that could ruin his life and his relationship with his children.

An American Family story was written so well. I love that the story had a lot of emotion built around it. I could barely put the book down when I had a chance of reading it. I love that Jackson Baer included all the characters emotions and struggle of Ramie Childs. And I also really loved how the characters were described and created. It was an easy read and very clear, therefore I did not struggle reading it at all.

I was so sure that someone really close was involved in Ramie’s disappearance but I definitely did not expected what happened near the ending of the book!! I was literally in shock! I really loved Jackson Baer for turning the story that way because I would of never guessed it!


I loved it! Book was definitely well written. Story, characters, all the drama and struggles were really thought and created so amazing! I can not wait to read the next book! And I am also interested in reading more books by Jackson Baer. I really highly recommend it!

About the author

Jackson Paul BaerI’m a professional thrifter, the father of four children, and an avid runner. I was born and raised in Georgia, and spent time in Oklahoma, California, Connecticut, and then Oregon, as an adult. I’m a graduate of Oregon State University and now reside in North Georgia, raising my family, near family.

My first book, The Earth Bleeds Red, was released in 2013. My second book, The Lights Will Never Fade, came out in Jan ’18. I’m currently signed with Evolved Pub for my new contemporary fiction/suspense series, An American Family. Book one was released in Oct ’18, and book two is coming on Nov 5th. Clouds Fall Like Fire, a stand-alone novel, is set to be released in March ’19. All books are available as an ebook, paperback, and audiobook.

I’m a bit of a free spirit who enjoys working from home, traveling around, looking for treasures to share, and creating worlds that otherwise would not exist. Thrifting and writing are my two passions, and I’m fortunate to be able to do both.

If you all want to know more about Jackson Baer check out his website, twitter, goodreads and facebook.



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