The Right Time

The Right TimeWritten by: Dianne Blacklock.

Published Date: 17th of December 2017.

Published By: Dianne Blacklock.

Category: Woman Fiction / Chick Lit.

Pages: Kindle Edition, 380.

Goodreads Rate: 3.96 / 5

My Rating: 4 / 5

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This review is so overdue, have not had a chance to write it until now.

The Right Time is set in Sydney Australia, this book is about dealing with the lives of the Beckett family. The story mainly focus on the four Beckett sisters.

Ellen is eldest sister, she is the mother of two teenagers, a teacher at the local public school and she is dealing with the separation with her husband.

Emma the event planner, the more fashionable one out of all the sisters and she has been waiting for her long term boyfriend Blake to propose, so therefore she can finally have the dream wedding she has been wanting for since she was a very young girl.

Liz is a dermatologist, she’s the smartest out of all her sisters and also Liz is in a complicated relationship with Andrew, a married surgeon. Liz have been waiting for Andrew to leave his wife, but will he ever?.

Evie is the youngest out of all the sisters, she is married to Craig and has three young children together. After Evie learns about Ellen’s marriage breakdown she thought her marriage needs saving but Craig has a completely different solution to fix their marriage, but would it fix it or make things worst?.


The Beckett sisters need to shake things up.

Emma has been planning her dream wedding even since she was a little girl, and she’s determined to get her happy ending. Just as soon as her boyfriend Blake gets around to proposing …

Liz is a well respected and successful doctor and supposedly the brains of the family, yet she still believes her married colleague will leave his wife for her, one day …

Evie is cheerfully married to Craig, but after three children, things have stagnated. When Craig suggests a way to spice up their relationship, Evie is horrified – but she always tries so desperately to please …

And Ellen, the eldest sister and the anchor of the family, is dealing with the end of her marriage and getting back into the dating game. But she wonders if she’ll ever be able to get naked in front of another man, let alone open her heart to love again.

When their parents drop a bombshell that affects them all, and one sister must make a life-changing decision, it’s the right time for the Beckett sisters to band together and face the challenges head-on.


At first I was a little worried that I won’t enjoy the book as I had never heard of Dianne Blacklock before, but after a few chapters I started enjoying it and the story started to get very interesting, which got me hooked. I couldn’t stop reading it!.

I thought the way The Right Time was written is really good, every detail was stated very clearly and it wasn’t slow or too fast, which I loved because it made it really easy to read and understand what was happening. There were a lot of parts in the book that definitely made me smile and laugh.

I love it how the story felt real, I loved each of the characters personalities, all the family drama, all different life experiences the four sisters were going through. I really thought Dianne Blacklock did a really good job writing this book, she definitely made sure that she made the story real and not so fairy tale like.

I loved all the characters. They were created and described really well, it was like I could imagine what all the four sisters would look like. There is only one character I disliked a little and that is Evie’s daughter Tayla. OMG! she was so rude and I just couldn’t stand her, but I like it how she changed a little at the end.


I really thought it was such a good read. I felt a little sad when I finished reading it, I wanted more, I didn’t want the story to end at all. I definitely will be reading more of Dianne Blacklock’s books. I highly recommend it to everyone who enjoys a bit of chick lit and woman fiction stories or even to people who wants to read something different.

I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.

About the author

Dianne Blacklock is the author of Call Waiting, Wife for Hire, Almost Perfect, False Advertising, Crossing Paths, Three’s a Crowd, The Right Time, and in November 2011, The Secret Ingredient.

When she’s not writing she goes on rampages through the house, cleaning and emptying out cupboards and making everyone do extra chores. Needless to say, the family prefers it when she’s writing.


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